Student Support Desk

Welcome to the Student Support Desk

Need help resetting your NID? Having issues connecting to the Campus WiFi? Don’t know where the nearest restroom is? We’ve got your back! You can come on down to the Student Support Desk with any technology related issues, or even questions in general. If you come to us with a problem, we’ll make sure that you leave with a solution. Check out some of the additional services we offer below.

Technology Checkout

The Student Support Desk in both Technology Commons II and Classroom Building I both offer FREE technology rental services. These rentals include Macbook Airs, Dell laptops, iPads, Microsoft Surfaces, GoPros, and Centiq tablets. Chargers for Dell laptops, Macbooks, iPhones, and Androids are also available for rent. All you need to bring with you is your student ID (or the 16 digit ISO number on your student ID), and yourself. Head on over to the Technology Lending page to find out more!

Collaboration Rooms

Need to reserve a study room? We have three collaboration rooms available in Technology Commons II. If you’d like to reserve a collaboration room, you can either stop by the Student Support Desk or give us a call. We’re happy to save you a room as long as you make a reservation 24 hours in advance!

Along with your reservation, you’ll be able to rent out materials as needed. This includes keyboards, markers, and adapters such as a mini DisplayPort out to multiple video inputs. In order to rent these, all you have to do is head on over to the Student Support Desk!

Technology Repairs

If you need a computer, tablet, or iPhone repaired, our technicians would be glad to take a look at your device. Find out more information by visiting the Support & Repair page!

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Student Support Desk
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